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Thursday, January 15, 2009


You know what? I just spend way too much money on frivolous stuff. Next to shoes, food shopping is a close second. It's weird because most days I eat once, maybe twice a day.

Last Friday, I went to the grocery store and spent $23 on vodka and beer. Pretty ridiculous considering that I have 6 wine bottles, tequila, gin, brandy, beer, and a whole lot more in my pantry. My current living situation does not really allow me to invite friends over my place for a cocktail party. So what am I buying all this liquor for? I know often times when my friends do host a party, I'm requested to bring my Sangria and other concoctions. I like to be prepared, but this is becoming bizarre.

Story long short, I'm putting myself on a challenge. I will not buy any alcohol for a month! (Baby steps here, baby steps) Here's the catch. I'm weak and I know I'm going to slip. Every time I purchase a drink, be it at a bar, gas station, or event, I have to match the funds into my online savings account that I opened up specifically for this challenge. The savings will be directed towards my passport purchase.But if someone else purchases a drink and gifts it to me, well... that doesn't count. (smiles)
* * Oh man! I just remembered. I wanted to check out a winery while I was in DC. The winery will be exempt because that was already decided upon before I took on this challenge. * *

So my friends, tempt me, but don't tempt me! The good news is the savings is going towards something good. Even if I don't meet my savings goal thru this challenge, I'm still going to purhcase the passport by February because I already put it out here on this blog that I would!

Last Friday's sin has been accounted for. My initial deposit, $25, should be credited any day now. Tuesday night, E and I went to a lounge. I brought him drinks. $10. (He didn't know about the challenge) Today I transferred another $17 into the account. That's a $9 credit. I'll be using that very soon.

For accountability, I am sharing my savings goals. Over to the right, you'll see my icon. It says "Help me save..." I cannot figure out how to change the text so it is what it is. I am not soliciting for help.

Speaking of Smarty Pig, check them out! I really like this bank. In a few weeks, I'm going to set up a separate account for my cruise savings goals.

A few side notes: 1) It will show my savings goal as $250. The reason is because that was the minimum goal SP allowed me to set. The good news is I can cancel that goal at any time and withdraw the money. So when the goal hits $100, I'll close it and get the darn passport. 2) Because my goal is $250 that skews up my savings percentage. When the icon updates, it will show I'm 16% towards completing my goal when in reality I'm 42%.

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