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Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm on my way home!

Here I am at DCA airport waiting for my connecting flight to Phoenix. I have been wearing this white jacket all week and I'm sick of it! A part of me is ready to head back to warmer temps at home. Another part of me is a little sad to leave.

I had a greeaaat week with family and friends. This week I have flirted with the idea of even considering moving back East to be closer to these people. I am lonely in Phoenix and life seems slow out there. The more time I spend with my niece and nephew, the more it saddens me to leave them.

Thursday night my digital camera broke! I was really frustrated and annoyed. I cannot wait to go home and retrieve the warranty info and send it back to Sony. This inconvenience meant that I missed out on 3 days worth of pictures and videos I could have taken of my kiddies. *sigh* I praise the Lord that it did not break down on me on January 20th. That would have been heartbreaking. As soon as my camera is back to working order, I will retrieve the pictures and post more DC/winery photos.

I look forward to returning to Phoenix ... And I'm going to try my damnedest not to go this long again w/o seeing my friends and family. Seriously -- some of these people warm my heart. And that's better than any sunshiny day in Phoenix.

As for my Intervention challenge, I have reached my passport goal last week. I brought drinks for my friends on Wednesday and that helped me hit the $100 mark. I'm pretty shocked (but maybe not that totally surprised) that it only took me two weeks to hit that mark. As of today, I owe the savings account $51. I'm not going to close the account. I will keep accumulating money until the end of this month or I reach the $250 goal. Whichever comes first.

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