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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Destination: D.C.

E and I gave USAirways one final attempt to change my ticket to an earlier date. After being on the phone for over 1 hour (seriously) and escalating to at least 4 or 5 different supervisors, the company did not budge. They would not let me waive their $150 fee. I mean their reasons are valid. After all, I did not purchase the ticket in error. I knew what I was doing when I brought the ticket. I just didn't THINK thoroughly and realized, that the 19th was a Federal Holiday and I have a paid day off from work. *sigh*

So my new travel schedule for D.C. is as follows:

19th - Fly to DC and arrive early evening
23rd - Amtrak to Buffalo with a layover in NYC. There I will meet a friend for lunch.
26th - Depart Buffalo and return to Phoenix.

My return flight ticket BUF-PHX was a s-t-e-a-l. This is the cheapest I've seen yet. $82 bucks one way. Yes. $82 bucks!! The total came out to $105 after taxes. Yes - before you ask, this was on USAirways. I want so badly to divorce this airline and remain with my Southwest loyalty but really, Southwest ain't got nothing on USAir right now. Currently the are offering $159 for a direct flight. While that's not bad at all, I need to be frugal as possible.

E and I just purchased our dual AAA membership yesterday. I should receive my membership information in the next 4 days. I'll purchase my Amtrak train ticket from DC to Buf for the 23rd. With the AAA card I save 10%. Currently seats are selling for $80 bucks. If I want to upgrade to Business Class (I do!!) there will be an extra $27 charge. With my AAA discount, the total will be roughly $97 before taxes. Sweeeeet!

Now that I got my DC travel all finalized, I can now work on my itinerary.

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