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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Come up with a budget and stick with it

Let me tell you, E and a few other people were not too thrilled with my resolution to travel every month. My personal budget is not so great. I'm told I really should not be traveling at all based on my current financial situation. I'm sorry. I just cannot give up on travel. Especially when my closest friends and family is clear across the other side of the country. I literally go through withdrawals. When I do, I make stupid decisions like skipping out on the cell phone bill this month so I can afford the airline ticket home.

* bows head in shame *

*perks head back up!* I have no regrets. Life is short. Verizon can wait another month while I spend time with my babies or celebrate a friend's birthday. Besides, I've turned down far too many potential trips due to the money thing. This year - most of my trips will be planned and budgeted in advance. I'm on a roll with this D.C. trip. My biggest travel expense, transportation, has been paid for as a result of birthday and Christmas gifts.

I'm inspired by this article I read on the Washington Post: The $2009 Getaway Challenge. Three travel writers had a budget each of $669.66. One of them went to Vegas. Another tested his limits in Florida and the last took it easy in West Virginia. I am already in planning mode for next month's NYC trip. I'm going to set a budget, put all of the funds in a gift card and use that card ONLY for the trip. When I run out, I run out. For NYC, three nights, airfare, possible one night stay in hotel, food, and other various activities, I'm going to estimate the entire trip at $550.13. The thirteen cents is there because that's my favorite number.

I'll keep ya posted.

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