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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ultimate Travel Package Giveaway!

Wow!! I haven't posted anything since the 12th?!? I will work on that. I have lots of material to post and so very little time.

Anyhoo... I have this crazy fascination with mommy blogs. There are a few that I obsessively read on a daily or weekly basis. I have no kids of my own, nor do I have any intentions of producing any kids of my own in this lifetime. (If I can help it) I just enjoy reading about other people kids, seeing their cute pictures, and read on their day to day 'drama'. (I use that word lightly)

One of my favorite bloggers is hosting a huge giveaway for the month of December. I usually dont participate but 1) We are in a recession so free stuff is gooood stuff and 2) she's hosting the Ultimate Travel Package Giveway! Anything to make my travel experience a little bit easier is a-0kay with me!

If you register and win the package - - give it to me. (pretty please?)

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