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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Gift of Travel

This year my family and I are having a Recession Christmas Celebration. We are making our own Christmas gifts this year or spending very little money as possible.

For those of you not affected by the recession and have money to spare, consider the gift of travel for your Christmas Gift giving.

I already put on my Christmas Wish list that I wanted Airline gift certificates and gas cards. My good friend, Butta Baby has agreed to purchase my return ticket home from DC for my Christmas gift as long it is under $200.

This USA Today article has some great tips and information on giving the gift of travel for Christmas. Including purchasing airline miles and setting up a gift registry in your name for family members to deposit money in "travel account". Travel is more than airplanes. There's also the gift of cruises (Royal Caribbean for me!) and car rentals (I love Alamo!)

I always say "Nothing says I love you like a new handbag." An expense paid vacation is a close second.

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