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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Picture of the Day

Happy (belated) Holidays!

I had meant to post on Christmas morning with well wishes and a beautiful Christmas article written by Craig Wilson. I got so caught up in the Holiday and the Eggnog Martini that I just plumb forgot.

My Holiday was wonderful. E was very thoughtful to purchase me my own digital camera so "I can take more pictures for the blog" (his words - - not mine)

Anyhooo ... here's today's picture of the day. This was a camping trip I was bribed into going last year. E got me tickets to see Beyonce in concert but the only way I would be allowed to go to the show is I have to agree to go camping the following day. If I had of known Beyonce would give such a lackadaisical performance, I would not have agreed to the bribe.

I. hate. camping.

Luckily this was only for one night and I made it out of there alive.

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