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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Picture of the Day

Niagara Falls - American Side

Last year with E finally came to Buffalo to meet the family, I took him to Niagara Falls to check out Mother Nature's finest. Maaaan, it was coooold! I've mentioned before, that E has vowed not to return to NY during the winter time. So far, he sticking with his vow.

I been reading up on all the crazy weather back home and all over most of the NE. For my folks back east, I bet Arizona is looking reaaal good to you right now. I won't use this time to brag about our temps. You can google that.

Shiv, I hope your flight does make it to NYC so that you and my babies can spend the Holidays with loved ones. I'm praying for you, Girl! To all my peeps stuck in a snow bank somewhere, stay warm!

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