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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inauguration 2009

47 days to go!

I'm excited about my upcoming trip to DC. I still haven't brought my return ticket - - I'm lazy! I have now decided I'm going to make this a dual trip. I will fly home to Buffalo and spend 2 days with my babies, spend 5 days in DC with Obama and Friends, return to Buffalo for 1 more day, before heading home to Arizona.

I need to call USAirways about my ticket that I purchased. I have to persuade them to allow me to change my ticket to Buffalo instead of DC without charging me their exorbitant ticket change fee. I have a battle ahead of me...wish me luck.

I just been soaking up every website, magazine, and discussion group about the inauguration and the upcoming trip. I've already contacted my State Rep and I did attempt to contact McCain - who is my local Senator. He has 3 phone numbers. I called his Tempe office location and the woman that answered the phone hung up on me!!! (Yea - - somebody feeling a little salty??) I then called his Phoenix office and a gentleman told me I had to contact McCain's DC office to request inauguration tickets. By then, I was through talking on the phone. (Plus I had to get back to work) and I didnt bother to try to request the tickets. So my luck depends on my State Rep. I've already received a very kind, auto generated email, stating that my name is on the list and that I will only be contacted if a ticket is available. (Pray for a sista!!)

Even if I do not get to go, I don't want to miss out on all the excitement. Lisa Pizza sent me an article telling me that DC bars will be open until 5am! I'm not much of a rock star so I can't stay up that late, but that's still good news. To get up the minute information, I joined a Facebook paged called Inauguration 2009 in DC. Once a week I check out the JCC for updates on related events and ticket information. I signed up for email updates so I don't miss any important information. Inauguration website keeps me update on getting around the city. There are frequent updates on the Metro's transportation plans. I should sign up for their text message alerts so I'm on top of my A-game when I'm trying to buzz around the city during the big day. I signed up for the Peoples Parties email and guest list so I can get the 411 on the many parties that are happening in the area. I hope Lisa Pizza's sister invites me to her inauguration party. Back in the day, she hosted the best parties. (Stace, if you're reading this, I promise not to get too tipsy! LOL)

The NYT wrote a brief article offering advice and tips on lodging for the DC and surrounding areas. This article said if you're expecting or hoping to get a ticket for the event, fat chance! had a "silly" article with a list of 5 (dumb, stupid, and impossible for the common man) to get a ticket to the swearing in ceremony. I just been soaking up anything and everything of interest that has to do with the event. Check out this article on Secret Service Code names. I love the Obama's names. Renegade sounds sooo sexy! Here is the Obama Campaign Flicker photo page. Did you know the coldest inauguration day was January 21st, 1985? That day was a really cold 7 degrees.

When I took E to Buffalo last year, it was 6 degrees outside. He was so miserable he vowed not to return to despite my begging and pleading.

I'm definitely going to layer up and I need to buy a cute set of scarf and gloves. Old Navy is having a sale (or is this their every day price???) Either way, I need to check them out and stock up.

Yep 47 days to go! *Squeals!*

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