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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's

Happy New Year's!!!

Miami, Florida New Year's Eve 2005

This year will be the third New Year's I have not traveled to celebrate. (insert bigggg sad face here) I backed out of this year's celebration with my friends so that I can afford my Washington trip. Lisa Pizza and I have promised to exchange cell phone pictures at midnight so that we can feel like we were in each others presence at the midnight hour.

My favorite New Year's Eve celebration: Washington, DC! I can't really say on this blog what went down that night, but man oh man, that was sooo much fun!

I updated my side bar on the right. My resolution for this year is to try to travel somewhere every month. This past year was a slow year for travel - - especially after I left my airline job. I say the sabbatical has lasted long enough. I got the first 7 months figured out for now. I definitely have to get the passport this year so that I can go on my San Juan Cruise later this summer.

Have a safe and wonderful New Years!

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