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Monday, November 10, 2008

Grand Canyon

We finally took that Grand Canyon trip two weeks ago. To my surprise it wasn't a long drive. We got there in about 3 - 3.5 hours. Easy day trip

So much for leaving town by 12:30 as we originally planned. I was late with my errands and E had some last minute things to wrap up at work before we were ready to hit the road. I drove the entire time while E spent most of the drive gripping the seat. (What for? I'm a safe driver! Accident free since 1980!)

We arrived at the Grand Canyon Hotel, which is located right off the highway and less than a 3 mile drive from the Canyon entrance. Its a very pretty hotel and E was able to negotiate a rate for $99. We stayed one night.

The lobby was cozy and reminds me of a mountain lodge. I loved it. Including a big fire place to cozy up and sip your wine or coffee. The hotel provides wifi. (I can't remember if it was free or not) So you can bring your laptop out to the lobby to work if you don't want to disturb your partner who is still asleep in the hotel room. Which was the case with me. I had fun people watching.
The bed was small for a Queen size! But I was okay with that. It just means that E and I just have to snuggle a little bit closer. (He rolled his eyes at that statement) I love this headboard. So cute!
The bathroom was simple, with lots and lots of counter space. So I guess I could not complain there.
But I can complain about the lack of "freebies"! Hello!!! Is this all you're providing in my room? I'm quick to jack the hotel of their products, including raiding the maid's cart for extras, but I left that tube of shampoo and conditioner there on purpose.
Nothing fancy about the indoor pool and spa except you could smell the chlorine from out in the hall way.
When E and I arrived at the hotel, we had less than 20 minutes before happy hour was to be over. The first thing he does is turn on the tv to catch the basketball game! *roll eyes* (Is he serious?!) We quickly dropped off our bags, sprayed some perfume/cologne and hit the bar that was attached to the lobby called "The Saloon". The food was YUCK. Seriously, they microwaved our dinner. We were not impressed. We had about 3 shots and a beer each. For all that money and liquor, we should have brought a bottle and had a party in our hotel room!

The next morning, we checked out of the hotel and headed down the road to the Canyon. When we got there, I was like "that's it?!" I was unimpressed. This place is just a big pile of rocks. Take me to Sedona! I think Sedona is much prettier.

More rocks. Don't mind my camera. You just got to see this place for yourself. My camera doesn't do it justice. Don't get me wrong... this is a beautiful place. For some reason, I expected more. *shrugs*
You know I couldn't go to GC without getting a few jumping pictures in there

The trip was aiiight. Like I said, I was unimpressed but I'm glad I got it checked off my list. It really is one of the 7 wonders of the world so I had to check it out. The town outside of the canyon is a sleepy town. Seriously. Everything closes by 9pm, if not 11pm.

After our crappy happy hour meal, E and I went in search of food. We caught this pizza place that was 3 minutes from closing and quickly ordered a meat lovers pizza and a dozen wings. The wings were gooood!! The pizza wasn't bad either. I ate it the next morning for breakfast and it was still delicious. The restaurant is called "We Cook Pizza and Wings." (seriously)

After dinner we went off in search of something to do. There is almost nothing to do. The hotel across from us had a bowling alley and arcade in their basement. I love bowling so this was the perfect activity for me. E was not thrilled about it and he left me to bowl while he was sitting at the bar "flirting" with the bartender.

yeah... They were talking "politics".

All in all it was a good trip. It's always good for us to get out of town and get away. I like to get E all to myself. Even tho the phone rings constantly and every phone call is an "important call."

Next month, we're going back to Sedona. (I never get tired of that place.) Besides, we will be commemorating the 3rd year of our friendship and we took our first day trip there. I'm currently working on a little surprise celebration for him.

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Lisa Pizza said...

I've never had any desire to see the Grand Canyon and now... I still don't. But I do like that headboard too!