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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Grand Canyon

I'm taking another weekend trip. Originally I wanted to go to San Diego for a quickie beach fix but I'm told its cold down there. I'm iffy because I love to be near the ocean but I know myself, cold weather makes me crabby. Not really worth a 5.5 hour drive. Especially if I'm not meeting anyone up there. I did contact a friend I knew there but she is known to not reply to emails.

E suggested the GC. I've never been and its been a few years for him. I'm annoyed at him because its already Thursday and we do not have a hotel booked or any kind of plan in motion. This last minute planning does not fly with me. A sista wants details. If he does not block time out of his precious work/basketball/hanging out with the fellas/misc extra curricular schedule to discuss this with me tonight, I'm dropping it. I'm not taking that 8 hour round trip drive alone.

Not to let a perfectly good weekend go to waste, plan C is Sedona. I will never get tired of that place.

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Anonymous said...

soo where did you end up going? I caught up and you have no idea how much I miss your azz chica! put up some pics of sedona if thats where you went. your lookin' fine as alwaysss. <3 <3 moon n back!(*ATD*)