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Saturday, September 6, 2008

This is what I get for putting it off...

In about two and a half weeks I"ll be heading back home for a long overdue visit with my family. Especially my babies. Sad to say, but they are almost the only reason why I go home. Don't get me wrong. I love my daddy and my brothers. But I sho love my babies!

Either which way, I brought my return ticket home from BUF-PHX two weeks ago. I had to grab this steal I saw on USAirways. My ticket was *gasp* $99!!! I was shocked too.

I dont even like USAirways. Their customer service sucks and their fees are ridiculous! But for $99 I'm willing to overlook that.

USAirways had competitve prices for my PHX-BUF route. They offered an afternoon flight for $115. This offer was posted on their website for 2 weeks!!! None of my 2 favorite airlines could match their price. Southwest wanted $166 and JetBlue wanted $205 or $256. No thank you!!

I put off purchasing my ticket because I had to wait until payday. (you know how that is) So this morning, I checked the prices. It was still $115. (Thank you, Lord) but since I only needed a one way ticket, USAir decided to charge me $140 to go from PHX-BUF. Maaaan! I was so hurt! I am not surprised they did that. Most airlines usually jack up the price if you are not purchasing a round trip ticket. I quickly did a search on JB and WN (Southwest) to see if their prices by any miracle went down. Nope. In fact, both airlines raised their prices!! *sigh*

I sat there and I hemmed and hawed about purchasing my ticket. I was debating about spending an extra $20 for the red eye flight (my preferred) or just buy the cheapest ticket home. I decided to take a shower and get dressed while I mull over my decision. Well.... one thing led to another and the day just went by. I got home at 11pm and finally logged on the computer.

Dammit! dammit! Because JB and WN raised their prices, USAir now wanted $204 for me to fly home!!! (&%/*!) I did a quick search over to Airtran Airlines.

A little history. I spent my 25th birthday in the Hamptons with some very close friends of mine. It was a memorable birthday, one of the best I've had so far. When I landed, I found out Airtran lost my luggage. Simply stated, I was livid! They lost it for three days! So for three days, I had no clothes, no toothbrush, no bathing suit. I do not need to explain that you cannot go to the Hamptons with no fresh gear. My friend's mom got on top of the airline regarding my luggage situation and it was eventually returned to me. With some of my possessions missing. Including a pair of earrings my brother gave me for Christmas that I cherished! For my "trouble" they gave me a measly check for $50 bucks and some kind of a voucher. I was so livid, I vowed never to fly with them again.

Never say never.

I hate Airtran with a passion. Yea, I said it, HATE. But they offered a ride home for $135. Since USAir got greedy (and I took too long to purchase the ticket at the cheaper rate) I swallowed a big gulp of my pride and purchased my ticket from Airtran.

I'm not very happy with my self. I did the one thing I said I wouldn't do. But times are tough and my wallet is stretched thin as it is. But I wanted -- - no - - needed to see my babies. So nothing better go wrong on this flight.

This airline wanted to charge me $6 for a seat! Man, *&% you Airtran!

Now I understand why folks is going back to the Amtrack Train for travel.

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