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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Leading Hotels of the World - special promotion

I stumbled across an announcement from Leading Hotels of the World chain with a special promotion acknowledging their 80th birthday.

On October 1st, for 80 minutes, starting at 8:00am EST, they are offering a limited number of rooms for the rock bottom price of $19.28 (their birth year. Get it?) This is a sweeet deal! They have a limited number of chains here in the U.S., including one here in Arizona. The fine print of the promotion is you can only book a maximum of two nights and you have to travel between November 1st - December 15th.

I got my eye on the Alex Hotel in NYC, The Hay-Adams in DC, or the La Posada de Santa Fe Resort and Spa (whew!) in Santa Fe.

For those of you who are considering, pre-registration is required. (click link).

I need to put a reminder in my blackberry to set my alarm for 4:45am so I can wake up and take advantage of this awesome deal. I can already imagine the traffic this website will have. In fact, this brings back fond memories of my college days when I had to wake up super early to register for classes. The website was always freezing up because too many people were attempting to log in at once to register for all the good courses.

Good Luck. For those of you who successfully booked a rate during the promotion, come back after October 1st and let me know where you're going and which hotel are you staying at!

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