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Monday, September 15, 2008

Jerome Winery - - Update

Last Saturday we drove to Jerome, AZ to check out a winery. The drive there is pretty straight forward. E let me sleep most of the way. (Only 2.5 hours outside of Phoenix) As we approached Jerome, we were amazed at the picturesque beauty. The town is built on a mountain. From the distance you can see the rows of houses on the mountains. It reminded us of San Fransisco. As we got closer, we see alot of them are not in the best shape. Run down or abandoned. It is after all, a ghost town. We had only a short amount of time there. We headed straight for Jerome Winery.

Here is the inside of the winery shop. Its pretty simple. I took this with my blackberry so my apologies for the so-so picture quality. Only one girl was working the counter and there were quite a few people ahead of us. I took the time to browse the wine shop. The winery had a lot of cool trinkets, jams, spices, and etc.

We were given 5 tastings for $6.00. If you chose to taste any of the sweeter wines and ports, an extra $1 was added to the tasting cost. Between the both of us we sampled 8 wines. E kept getting refills on their port wine. He was only limited to 3 tastings of the port. After all, it was their most expensive product.

They had a beautiful outdoor patio where we could sit and enjoy our wine. We ordered a wine, cheese, and fruit plate. The total cost was $16.50.
For those of you who are on a budget, this is a perfectly inexpensive day trip. The total cost of the tasting and food came close to $35 bucks. We also went out to dinner afterwards and brought a tank of gas. We were gone a total of 8 hours and spent less than $100. Sweeeet!

Here is a quick run down of what we had:
Zinfandel Port : This was E's favorite wine. This was way too sweet for me. Its texture adn color reminded me of prune juice. As I previously mentioned, it was their most expensive bottle at $45.

Mourvedre (red) - Their description called this wine the "bohemian phantom". Lord have mercy this was a drrrrrry wine. I loves me some dry wine but I couldn't handle this one. I even felt a burning sensation as it was going down. I couldn't even finish my glass. $27

Chenin Blanc(white) - It wasn't love at first sip. More like 3rd sip. The best description I can come up as far as taste is this wine is a dry kind of tart. It just takes some getting used to. $16

Viognier (white) - I like. I like. I actually liked this one the best of all the wines I tasted. Perfect blend of crisp, dry , and tart. Any day I'm not in the mood to drink a red, this will be an excellent replacement.

Raspberry Sparkling Wine - At first sip the bubbles attacked my taste buds! This is an intense sparking wine. But with each sip the bubbles mellow out.

Almond Sparkling Wine - This wasn't too bad. I can see me using this to make Sangria. This wine has a strong hint of amaretto. Its on the sweet side. I didn't dislike it but I didn't love it either. $22

Jerome is a beautiful town! We really enjoyed our stay there and both of commented we would like to come back soon and stay overnight so we have more time to explore.

I plan to come back in two weeks when my good friend, Jeremy, comes to visit. So when I do, I hope to return with better quality pictures. Neither one of us had our cameras with us so I had to use the blackberry.

I ended up buying a bottle of the Chenin Blanc (by accident!!) I meant to get the Viognier! So when I do return in two weeks, I'm defintely purchasing the correct bottle. Maybe if my money is right, I'll surprise E with the port. He's my baby and he totally deserves it!

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