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Sunday, August 31, 2008

This just sucks!!!

Today I was supposed to leave for an all girls road trip to Rocky Point, Mexico for the holiday weekend getaway. This trip was put together at the last minute and I made SURE that I was able to go on this trip with out a passport. According to the passport website, I could, as long as I provided an original copy of my birth certificate and my driver's license.

Long story short, my birth certificate was no where to be found!! I've moved twice this year and somewhere during the move it must have gotten lost because I have no earthly idea where it is. It should have been in my safe deposit box. Inside the box, I found a copy of my birth certificate, but not the original. I combed through all of my earthly possessions for until 1:45am. E made some phone calls for me to see if there was anything I could do to fix this situation and make it to Mexico in less than 4 hours. (We were pretty sure I was screwed, but he thought he'd try anyway. I love this man!)

Long story short, I had to break it to the girls that I could not go. I offered to pay for my portion of the trip, but one of the girls wouldn't hear of it. *sigh*

I was so sad. I went to bed sad. I woke up sad. I spent most of the morning, being very, very sad. I decided the only thing that would cheer me up was a new pair of shoes. Seriously.

I went out and treated myself to a nice lunch and an ice cream sundae. Then I brought these shoes: (My pair is black)

I feel a little better now.

After I got home I made a glass of sangria and I went online and ordered another copy of my birth certificate.

Next month, we are getting that passport! Because this is ridiculous!

I love my new shoes. I still feel a little sad though.

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