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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Prescott, AZ - Granite Creek Vineyards

A couple weeks ago, E suggested on a whim that we take a mini day trip. (Yes, he made this suggestion on his own!) He asked me to look up a couple places near by. Long story short, I remembered a friend of ours telling us a while back that Arizona indeed have some wineries in our backyard.

A quick google search led me to Page Springs Winery and Alcantara Vineyards. These two wineries were plan A and B respectively. Our Sunday afternoon road trip was almost ruined when both wineries were closed due to flooding from our moonsoon storms.

A quick and desperate google search led me to Granite Creek Vineyards, in Prescott. I called prior to driving to ensure they were open. The nice gentleman on the other line told me they were.

Prescott is about two hours outside of Phoenix. The Vineyard located off the Highway 89 and its pretty easy to get there from the I-17.

What makes Granite Creek so unique is that they are the only certified organic winery in the state! So in other words, I'm dranking the good shyt!

When I arrived on the property I saw rows and rows of vines. I almost couldn't believe I was in Arizona touching actual grapes made for wine consumption.
(Prescott is generally 15 degrees cooler than Phoenix. I ain't no grape growing expert but as you can see, the grapes thrive just fine in the desert)

No, I didn't drink that whole bottle myself! Although I have done it before.

The property is beautiful! It has a retro, old time, very country, relaxing, kinda feel to it. There were many comfy lounge chairs to sip your wine and talk.

The barn on the property has been on site since 1916 and still standing. I don't know how long this retro gas pump been on property but I love it because it adds character to the property and its the 2nd thing you see when you pull into the driveway. Behind the gas pump you can see the comfortable lounge chairs. There is plenty of green grass to forgo the chair and lay a blanket out.

This little red shack is the tasting room. Tastings are held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for $5 per person. Inside is really cozy with wood counters, artwork on the walls, and various books on wine topics. Behind the tasting room, walk over a tiny bridge and their you will find more grass fields with chairs to sit comfortably and watch the grapes grow. If you watch closely you can see some of the many peacocks roaming in between the row of vines.

Here is the current selection offered: (from right to left)

1) Classic Chardonnay - It was oookay. I'm not a Chardonnay fan but it did not taste bad. The first thing I noticed about this wine was its pungent smell! It reminded me of cat's pee. When I took my Wines of the World course in college, to detect a cat's pee kind of scent was sort of a good thing. (I think)

2) Dry Rose - this was a fruity wine with a hint of mint. I was surprised with this wine as I thought I would not be all that impressive. It tasted very good and we ended up buying a bottle to share.

3) Grand Canyon Cuvee - This was a dry, dry, dry, red wine. I love a glass of dry Shiraz any day. When I took that first sip of the Cuvee, my taste buds went into shock! I think I ended up passing the rest of my glass to E.

4) Wild Grape Blush - This is a sweet, dark wine. I do not like sweet wines at all. If I wanted a sweet glass of wine, I'd just drink a bowl of sugar! In fact, the taste of this wine strongly reminded me of the grape juice the deacons passed out every first Sunday for Communion. Yuck.

5)White Merlot - I cannot remembered what this one taste like. I think this one had a sweet flavor too and E was all over this drink.

The bottles are reasonably priced. They range from $16.50 - $22.00

As I previously mentioned, the tasting room is charming. We didn't get too many pictures of the inside... since we were busy dranking and all!

Another unique charm about this Vineyard is they have about 20 peacocks that freely roam the property. I didn't catch one fanning out their feathers. This was the closest this peacock let me get to him before we started running away.

We enjoyed our visit here very much. E enjoyed it so much he raved about it to his co-workers the next day. My friend, J, who accompanied us there mentioned she now appreciates red wine now. On a recent happy hour outing, she ordered a Merlot. (Her previous choice used to be White Z. *gag*) I'm not too crazy about Merlot but its a start. She's building her wine palate!

Granite Creek Vineyards
2515 Road 1 East
Chino Valley, AZ 86323


Lisa Pizza said...

white Merlot! my mom's been telling me to try that but I haven't found it anywhere.

Roxann said...

Merlot?? YIKES! I heavily dislike it. Tooooooo bitter for me. I am very curious about Dry Rose wine. Hope it is easy to find in east coast since I am from east coast.