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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Phoenix Statycaiton

Remember that staycation I was supposed to take last month? Done and done! I just have not gotten around to updating it. I'll give you the short version:

We did not end up going to the Claredon. We drove by to check out the place. Regretfully, I forgot my camera so I could not take pictures of it.

1) The pool area 'okay'. It was just like the picture, comfortable lounge chairs and all. But the entire area was really small. It did not look as glamorous as it did in the pic. It is clear the hotel invested in a good photographer.
2) The bedroom was cozy and spacious. (In a tiny NYC kinda way) The bathroom area... is just a tiny corner. Toilet. Sink. Shower. No door. (none that I can remember) Not that you need it. It was set up like a mini studio. There was small area with a couch and TV. Then there is a separate area for the bedroom. It was cute.
3) That rooftop lounge they bragged about? Closed. Something about needing a permit to allow guests on it.
4) The outside of the building looked like it needed work. It appears someone started a project and walked away from it.

Long story short, E and I were not that impressed with the hotel. Which led us to look into other hotels including the Millennium.

We ended up going for the JW Marriott Desert Ridge. We gotten a really good friends and family rate for $160 a night. This hotel is niiiiice. Loved the beds. Loved the pool area. (We had a private area of the pool all to our selves! ;) Free from the rugrats!) Loved the lobby. Loved the outside area.

I was not lying about this bed. After a full day of celebrating E's birthday, I bid him good night and fell straight to sleep!

Here is the view of the pool area from our hotel room balcony. Yes, that's a huge movie screen you see there in the background. At dusk they showed a movie and served free popcorn. The pool area was sick. There is a lazy river that you could float on as well as a separate area for the hot tub. In other words, plenty of water for everyone. None of the guests didn't have to feel crowded.
Here is the bird's eye view of the lobby. I'm horrible at taking pictures. You just have to go visit the hotel and see for yourself. The lobby is so inviting and comfortable.
Yes, I took every last one of these toiletries home! (Except for the plastic container. Wouldn't want hotel staff to get too suspicious.)
My first time seeing a duck in Arizona - - - ever! Isn't this climate too hot for them?!
Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Restaurant was in the down stairs lobby. I've always wanted to try that place but we didnt get a chance to this time around.
Free ice tea and lemonade. Cant beat that with a stick in Arizona. How did they get the lemon and orange slices in a perfect row??
Ya'll thought I was lying when I said I took it home? I saw an abandoned maid cart a few doors down and grabbed some more of the lotion!

There is a Starbucks in the lobby (a huge plus!!). They also have Segway tours on site for $60 an hour. E really wanted to do that but we were tight on time. We said next time we will come here just for the Segways and not stay the night. I think that will be a cool date idea for us once the weather cools down a bit.

I didnt get many pictures of the pool.
Those of you who know me well, know that I was at that pool by myself. No way E is going to sit outside in 110 degree weather and roast! There was plenty of seating for everyone and servers and cabana boys ready to be at your beck and call!

Overall this is a nice property and located in a very good area. Near busy shopping plazas and mall. Valet Parking is a bit expensive but we did have the option of parking the cars ourselves. There is a mini shopping area on site. Mostly high end stores selling ugly crap I cannot afford. The best part about that stay is that soft bed!

I tried to sign up for the Marriott Loyalty program but they wouldn't credit my stay since I was using a discount rate. But I will sign up for it anyways. I notice I've stay at a lot of Marriott properties. Its about time I start getting credit for it.

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