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Monday, July 21, 2008


Last week the US Passport office started issuing out passport cards. For about 49 seconds I was really super excited because this was a cheaper option than the regular passport book.

How much does it cost? $45 dollars?!? (yippee!)

How soon can I get it? 4 weeks if I apply now (that's reasonable!)

Does it have one of those security chip thingys?? Yes, but all passports since 2006 has those things so no escaping Big Brother nosiness.


The card is NOT valid for air travel. BOOOOOOOO!!

/begin rant
Seriously, the gov.ment can SMLT. (figure out what that means) The reason why I don’t have a passport now is because I’m waiting for them to go on sale! I do not want to spend $100 for a passport. I know they last ten years. So can a sista get on a payment plan!?! Where exactly is my $100 going anyways?

{I know, I know, I’m a hypocrite. I call myself a travel agent and I don’t have a freaking passport. Well two birds of a flock fly together because E does real estate for a living and he doesn’t own a house.}

* sigh *

It’s not that I cannot afford this, I’m just dragging. I know I need a passport because I have many trips I desire to take overseas, (Tahiti!!) that the simple passport card won’t be valid for. I checked the Passport Office FAQ page to figure out why exactly those darn cards can’t be use for air travel. The cookie cutter answer they provided did not satisfy my question.

What irks me even more is if you already have the passport book it will cost you $20 to request the card! Can a sista get on a buy one get one free package!? Next thing I know, they will charge me $10 for using a blue ink pen to fill out the darn passport application.
/end rant

Okay - - seriously at some point I’m gonna have to give in and get this handled. I’ve missed out enough travel opportunities because I used the ole “I don’t have a passport” excuse. (It wasn’t an excuse. It was a fact and a fact that broke my heart and cost me to miss out on some potential priceless memories!)

In the mean time, I’ll keep looking out for that sale.


Roxann said...

Girl, GET A PASSPORT! I don't see a reason whyyou have to wait to get a passport. I know it is little pricey, but I bought the passport for about $160. Basically, $100 is GOOD DEAL, believe it or not. Now, I feel tempted to get a passport card, even though I don't REALLY need since I don't go to Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada. IF I still live in Rochy, then it will be a different story. Mmm... Well, I will think about it one day. :o)

Anonymous said...

SMLT? Yeah, That's what I should've told the secretary @ Hillary Clinton's office right? LMAO