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Monday, July 21, 2008

Leff-T's Steakhouse - Prescott, AZ

E and I decided to take a day trip and get out of Phoenix for a couple hours. We went to check out a winery in Prescott, AZ. (More pictures from that soon) Once the tasting was over, all that drinking got our appetites going so we started heading back towards Phoenix in search of food. We came across Leff-T's Steakhouse. It is located inside a tiny strip mall somewhere off the Highway 89. Upon exiting our car, we were welcomed with the smell of smoky bbq.

We walked in and saw a chalk board advertising today's special - - Crab Boil. A huge mixture of crab, shrimp, spicy sausage, potatoes, and corn.

They plopped this at the middle of the table and you literally dig in and go crazy. This dinner was good and it definitely hit the spot after all that wine drinking. We all agreed it was not as spicy and flavorful as we'd liked it to be. We also agreed we can make this ourselves at home and we will plan to host our own crab boil very soon!

(Note: Leff-T offers the crab boil on Sundays only)

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