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Thursday, June 26, 2008

WIC 2008 Chicago - Food

I always fly direct when possible. For this trip, I had the hook-up on some buddy passes so I had to take connecting flights. My plane to Chicago by way of Colorado Springs was delayed 2 hours for "weather" issues.
(Don't you hate it when the airlines blame it on weather and you're looking outside your window and see nothing but sunshine. And your friends text you from their destination and report its sunny there too?!)

Either which way, that delayed my arrival in Chicago and I was the last person to arrive finally at 10pm
Everybody was starving! So we headed around the corner to the Grand Luxe Cafe. It is really just an upgraded version of the CheeseCake Factory.

Everyone made fun of my menu choice. A plate of vegetables. I was unimpressed! I thought the portions would be bigger. This restaurant is famous for their portions. Turns out I couldn't eat the whole plate. I got full... fast!

Da hell they calling me vegetarian for? The rest of them ordered salads. (Yea, one of those salads had chicken in it but still!)

The next day I woke up early to catch up on some shopping. The girls had a head start the day before while I was stuck on my delayed plane. My shopping excursion got cut short when Nina insisted it was time for lunch. Here is where we ate:

Lunch was a salad buffet and a plethora of hand carved meats for the "bargain" (I use that term loosely) price of $20. This is all I got from the salad bar. With repeated trips for their chicken salad.
I do not know what this bread is called but it was sooooo good. The inside was so light and fluffy. It was like chewing on air.
I dont know about them deep friend bananas but I was all over the roasted pineapple!
After yesterday's "vegetarian" dinner I had to prove to the girls I do eat meat from time to time. The servers were dressed up in puffy shirts and long boots and they walk around from table to table with various cuts and styles of meat where they carve right in front of you.
My recommendation is go at lunch time because dinner cost $40 per person. Personally I was unimpressed with this restaurant. The $20 price tag was the first turn off - - I am not a huge meat eater aside from chicken and I don't eat large portions in one sitting. So this was a waste of my money. (But the laughs we had there - fun, fun, fun!!!) I would have been content with some Potbelly's or something.

Two hours later, I was still trying to nibble on the food cuz I wanted to get my money's worth, dammit!

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