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Saturday, June 28, 2008


With the price of gas, ($4.09 in AZ) and airline tickets being crazy expensive, by the time you factor in hotel costs, you've already put a hurting on your wallet.

Staycations are all the "rage" now. E and I wanted to go on a weekend getaway to San Diego for his birthday. His birthday is on July 5th. So finding a vacation rental home for a holiday weekend, three weeks out, within a certain budget, has been a challenge to say the least.

Plan B is having a staycation. Our plans include a bbq, Will Smith, lounge night, and a one night's resort stay.

AZ is home to many luxurious spas and resorts. I often drive by many of these resorts in Phoenix and Scottsdale drooling and dreaming of spending a night there. During the summer, resort rates are dirt cheap which makes my dreams a reality.

E and I decided we'll spend a day lounging (more like baking!!) by a fabulous resort pool, have a nice dinner (on the hotel's dime) and spend the night. Many resorts are offering deals for all price ranges.

I booked a room at The Clarendon Hotel. (Tell me that's not a nice looking pool?) They are offering a King Pool Suite with a $75 dinner credit for $149 per night. E likes this hotel because the interior reminds him of a place he once stayed in South Beach.

We are considering changing our mind and staying at the Millennium Resort in Scottsdale. They are offering 100 for 100 special. Book a room for $100 a night and the hotel will give you a $100 food and beverage credit per day. The reason why they are offering such a fantastic deal is because the hotel is currently renovating their pool. In compensation this hotel will provide frequent shuttles to neighboring hotels so guests can relax at their pools.

updates to follow....

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lizzie said...

staycation?! marvelous idea. i think i'm due for one meself soon.