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Friday, February 1, 2019

Dope Black Biz :: Black Root Tonic

photo credit: @JazzyJonez

One of the best way to celebrate black history month is to buy black. Those of you who know me know that I’m very intentional about supporting dope black businesses. When you support a black owned business, you are doing your part to keeping the Black dollar in the community. You’re also supporting someone’s dream. Every day this month, I will share some of my favorite businesses for you to check out and support.

Black Root Tonic - in a nutshell this herbal elixir contains a potent mix of herbs and minerals that behaves as a blood cleanser and removes toxins from organs. I’m going into my 2nd week taking this and I have seen a difference. Increased energy, reduced appetite, mucus loosening up and less bloating. Even the color of my pee is different. One thing I’ve noticed is I haven’t craved coffee. I don’t know how I feel about that because I looove the taste of coffee but I haven’t needed to drink it because my energy levels in the morning have been good. 

The taste of the tonic is very bitter. It has a pungent scent. The first day I took this tonic, I had to lay down on the couch. That bitter taste knocked me out. Now I’m used to it. It is advised to take it first thing in the morning, at least 30 minutes before you eat. The trick is to take it before you brush your teeth. Slam back that shot, gulp the water and then go brush your teeth and scrape your tongue. 

It is recommended to take it daily for at least 30 days to feel a significant overall difference as well as cleanse your internal organs. One bottle will last you 12-15 days so if you’re considering taking it for a month, order two bottles up front. Retail value is $30 and because the tonic is made in small batches upon ordering, it can take up to a month to receive your package in the mail. 

I’m sold on the tonic and I will definitely incorporate this for quarterly detoxes. As much wine, coffee and dairy I consume on a daily basis, a detox/cleanse is necessary. Do your research. Read the reviews on and check out the hashtag on social media to learn about other user’s experience.  I’ll keep you posted as well. 

*cheers to good health and prosperity!* 

** This post is NOT sponsored**

Friday, December 28, 2018

Notes to the Universe :: v9

The number of women I see leaving public bathroom stalls without washing their hands is astonishing. Y’all are fu*king nasty! 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Notes to the Universe :: v8


It was a blessing to be your daughter. We had it rough growing up. We had our battles. I've said some very hurtful things that probably have cut you to your core. Yet, you still loved me. Fully and unconditionally. You raised me and my brother as if we were your own. Your love and life lessons will be ingrained in me forever. 

Rest well, Daddy. See you in my dreams and beyond. 


Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Notes to the Universe :: v7

Ms. R, 
I think of you from time to time. You were an instrumental part of my child hood. I always looked forward to green bagels on St. Patrick’s Day. Rumors are you have since passed away. I hope that isn’t true. Thank you for being a blessing in my life. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Note to the Universe :: v6

It took me a long time to get over the loss of our friendship. You were a sister to me. I loved you to the moon and back. To this day I still don’t understand the thread that broke us. Miscommunication played a role. Assumptions played a role. Ego played a role. If I could do it all over again, I would have made different decisions. First decision is rejecting your offer for me to temporary live in your space. Nothing is worth losing your friendship and trust. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Note to the Universe :: v5

I honestly don’t know if you were mature enough to know that fondling a little girl, several grades below you, on the back of the school bus was nasty and wrong. If you did know better, fuck you. And fuck me for going along with it. I damn sure didn’t know better nor was I was aware of what the fuck was happening at that very moment. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Note to the Universe :: v4

Listen kid. I didn’t know my own strength. I was simply trying to grab the pencil from you. I didn’t mean to poke your eye and make you cry. I felt really, really bad about the whole situation. Who knew that different zip codes was a thing? 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Deaf Awareness Week: I'm Deaf and I'm Dope :: 10 Facts About Me

It’s #DeafAwarenessWeek! Here’s 10 facts about me.

1. I was born deaf. I’m the only deaf in my family. (That I know of)

2. My parents didn’t find out I was deaf until I was age two. The story goes that I was attending a summer camp at the local YMCA and the instructor noticed I wasn’t responding to his commands, instead I’d follow what the other kids were doing. It was suggested I get my ears checked out.
{I still don't listen to folks and I no longer follow the crowds. I'm good blazing my own trail.} 

3. I’m completely deaf in my right ear. I have partial hearing in my left ear. I’ve been wearing a hearing aid since I was a toddler.

4. I was a rebellious kid growing up. My parents are yellers/lecturers so often times I would turn my hearing aid off on the slick to tune them out. One time Mama caught me and slapped me so hard that my aid fell out of my ear and across the kitchen floor. She made me put it back on and I had to listen to another round of lectures. #BlackMamasBeLike 

5. Growing up, I used very little sign language around my family. That was reserved only for school/classmates. It wasn’t until I got to RIT, I picked up ASL.

6. I repeated kindergarten twice. The first year in a class with other deaf students. I excelled well academically so the school wanted to test me out in a regular kindergarten classroom with hearing peers the following year. Looking back, that “test/pilot” phase should of happened in 1st grade, not kindergarten.

7. I almost didn’t come to RIT/NTID. My high school teacher begged me to check out a summer program (EYF). I was resistant because I didn’t want to go to “that deaf school.” - - That summer was life changing. At RIT/NTID I found out there was a place for someone like me who could co-switch between both deaf + hearing worlds. {Go Tigers!!} 

8. My deafness enriched my life. I wouldn’t trade it or wish anything otherwise.

9. Please do not ever ask to pray for my ears or feel sorry that I have a hearing loss. I’m made in God’s perfect image. There’s nothing wrong with me. 
{Yes, that has happened to me. Several times. One time Grandma took me to a Benny Hinn revival and begged me to join him on stage for my healing. #BlessHer} 

10. I’m not hearing-impaired. I’m not broken. I don’t need to be fixed. I’m deaf and I’m dope.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Note to the Universe :: v3

To this day, I’m not sure how he got away with it. To this day I’m not sure how I was the ONLY one in an elevator full of people that saw with my own two eyes, a man pulling his penis out of his pants in a crowded lobby and gingerly putting it back inside before the elevator doors closed. I saw what I saw. Fucking asshole. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Note to the Universe :: v2

I’m just “your good friend’s daughter who annoys you from time to time”. You saw me take an interest in Reader’s Digest magazine. Without saying anything further, you purchased a year-long subscription to be sent to my home. You were brutally murdered a short time later. For a few months, the magazines kept coming. A constant reminder of your kindness. I hope your soul is at peace. Your gesture will never be forgotten. Thank you. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Note to the Universe :: v1

Thank you, kind sir, for buying my pizza when I didn’t meet the credit card minimum. This world is such an ugly place. You could have ignored me all together but without hesitation you said: “I got this” and put $10 on the counter. I will remember you for a long time because pizza is my love language and you certainly filled my cup that day. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Bonjour de Paris!

I came to Paris to do the following:

Eat all the food
Drink all the wine 
Buy French lingerie 
Make my own perfume 

Mission accomplished... 

In A Nutshell... 
Paris was lovely. It felt like I was in DC or NY, until I came across a famous landmark or monument and then I remember: I'm in Paris!! *gushes* 

I'se Hongry Now! 
I ate as much French onion soup and fries I can stand. I lost count of how many espressos I consumed and after the first night, I stopped ordering wine by the glass. 

My BEST meal came from a tiny family owned restaurant near Norte Dame. I had a huge serving of salmon au gratin and a carafe of vin. I couldn't finish all of it.  The finest of comfort food. I was in carb heaven. I'm drooling just looking at that picture! 

It took us a few days to realize that some of the best meals to consume in Paris can be found at the boulangerie and street vendors. Hello crepes, falafels and pastries. Yes, dessert for dinner is totally appropriate. We spent a pretty penny at some restaurants before we came to our senses. Our wallets thanked us. 

The One Thing I Wont' Eat Again... 
Cassie made me try escargot. I refused to chew it because ewwww! Snails!  I chased it down with a huge gulp of vin. Check. I can cross that food item off the list. Don't have to do it again. 

"Waiter, I'll have the carafe, please!" 
Wine... Oh, excuse me, Vin, as the French call it, is cheap! Average cost was 4€ per glass or 12-14  for a carafe which comes out to about 4 glasses. All day, every day. Really puts America happy hour pricing to shame. 

Big Scary Guns! 
Law enforcement/military walk around the city with huge guns. HUGE! Once they were walking behind me and my heart dropped to my stomach. I was hella shaken up for a good 15 minutes after that experience. 

Oh Hey, Mona... 
I came. I saw. I left. 
The museum is massive and I'm not into art all like that to explore the whole place. The French is kind to the deaf. My disability got me into the museum for free. In fact, I'm told by my friends who have visited the country that most tourist spots will let you skip to the front of the line and let you in for free.  

I found most Parisians to be extremely nice. Next time I will take more time to learn the language but it was easy to navigate because a great number of them spoke English. I referred to my handy Google translate app a lot. The only downside was the app required cellular/wifi so it was no good to me when I was connected. 

Le Effiel, Of Course! 
How could I go to the Eiffel tower and not do a shimmy shake?! Check out my Instagram for the video. The tower is impressive to see up close. At night it is beautiful sparkly light show. I wasn't too pressed to go up to the top of the tower. Kept those 50€ in my pocket. 

Do I Cross The Street at This Intersection? 
Getting lost is easy. Street names are marked on buildings and not every building is labeled. A lot of the streets are curvy and I cannot read a map to save my damn life. Thank God for Cassie. Between her expert map reading skills and my subway savvy, we made a good travel team. 

Speaking of subway, it is massive! Often times it's a long trek (3-5mins) to walk to another platform in the same station to change trains. It was easy to read and understand the subway map. Unlike NYC's map which might as well be printed in morse code. 

No Pictures, Please. 
I definitely left France with a lacy pieces. Crossed that off the list. 'Nuff Said. 

Smelling Like New Money! 
I spent two hours smelling various oils to come up with my own unique scent. After we narrowed down my choices and before we got started on mixing the chemist asked me: "Do you want to be known for your presence or absence?" 
Yo, that's deep and it took me a good 3 minutes to make a decision. 
My scented perfume has notes of Iris, Musk, Jasmine and Bamboo. It is a light and flirty floral scent. 
I've named my custom scent "Not Pressed" in honor of my entire Parisian experience. That was pretty  much the attitude Cassie and I had the entire week. We were not pressed to rush out of bed... Not pressed to explore the entire Louvre museum... Not pressed to rush to the next destination when cafe watching was more fun... So when I smell this scent, I'm reminded to take it easy, slow down and linger awhile. 

So yea, when you smell that scent, you will know that I'm in the room with you. 

(Word to the wise: Do not go to a perfume class on an empty stomach) 

The whole experience lasted two hours and cost me less than 100 Euros. The awesome thing: my recipe is mines alone and kept on file. Anytime I need to replenish, I can contact the perfumery and they will make me a new batch and send it to me. 

If you're ever in Paris, check out Le Studio des Parfums. 

I had a great visit and the week went by very quickly. Cassie was an amazing travel partner and that made the experience that much richer. I can very much see myself being an expat in this city. Universe, Let's make this happen! #ManifestThatIsh 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Santa Boo, I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas...

Dear Santa Boo, 

How you doing? I know Christmas is seven days away and I'm way past the cut off date for gift requests. See, what happen was.... procrastination is a mug! However, I understand you're a man who knows how to get things. (Quote that movie!) So lemme slide this list over here to you real quick. See what you can do in seven days. No pressure.  'preciate it. 


1. Skip the designer purses. My lopsided self (thanks, scoliosis!) can't handle carrying expensive handbags on one shoulder. I need to pack everything including the kitchen sink when I'm out and about. So this book bag from Because of Them We Can is right up my alley. Might as well make a statement when they look back at it. 

2. It's been a long time dream of mine to rock an African maxi skirt! The short girl struggle is real because the ones I find in stores are way too long and I can't justify spending extra dollars on top of the skirt purchase just to cut off excess fabric. This skirt from His Inspiration Wraps is adjustable and hella easy on the budget. *shimmy shake* 

3. I'm not a sneaker head. I'm usually rocking my chucks or my spiky boots. For some reason, these red high tops from Negash 83, inspired by Egyptian royalty is hoooot! I'm hella salty these sneakers are sold out and the store owner is ignoring my excessive pleas to restock. *grrr*! I check back at the website weekly to see if they've been restocked. They do have an all red pair but nah, I want THIS pair. 

4. I'm bald. Winter is coming. This hat is fly. 'nuff said. (Truthfully, I can make this ish myself at home.... maybe I should.) 

5. These shoes kinda look like TOMS, which isn't my favorite brand. Wrap some kinte cloth around it and I'm sold! Size 6.5 please, Santa! 

6. I'm always talking about #ManifestThatIsh but first, "Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run. ~Habakkuk 2:2. I love how this journal is beautifully designed and organized. Plus I'm a sucker for pretty notebooks. This one is  crafted by Keep Chasing the Stars, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting at Blogalicious Weekend.  

7. *Roar* I always need celebrate my inner lioness. Believe it or not, lion shirts are hard to find in retail stores. Yeslioness came thru with this design! The slouchy shoulder is a plus. 
{edited: It's sold out! BOOOOO!} 

8. Ujamaa is one of the seven Kwanzaa principles, which stands for "cooperative economics", which is exactly the purpose of the monthly box subscription (and this Christmas list) serves. $25 a month yields about 4-5 products, selected at random, from black owned business. Past subscriptions have included head wraps, nail polish and jewelry.  


Did  you know the black community makes up for 1.1 TRILLION dollars worth of economic spending? (Source) How long does that money stay in OUR community? Six hours. 

S-I-X hours!! 

Santa Boo, thanks for keeping the dollars in our community this holiday season and beyond.  

Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm Hella Salty Creed Movie Rejected the Opportunity to Cast #DeafTalent

Last weekend after months of anticipation, I finally saw the CREED movie starting Michael B. Jordan.  The movie is hella good. Seriously. The film was well written and directed. I love the Rocky franchise, but was getting weary of it once Rocky V came out. They really should have stopped after Rocky IV, which was the best film in my opinion. The Creed storyline brings this franchise back to life and I'm here for it! Michael B. Jordan was a great choice to play Creed's son, Adonis. He is believable and not to mention that man is hella cute. 

{Side note: I'm gonna say "hella" a lot in this post. Get used to it.} 

Here's one of my favorite scenes from the film: 

"You see this guy here? That's the toughest opponent you're ever going to face. I believe that's true in the ring and that's true in life." ~ Rocky 

Imagine my surprise when I saw Phylicia Rashad on screen as Adonis' mother! 

The only blemish in this movie is the casting of Adonis' love interest. When I learned that his girlfriend is deaf I was excited. Finally! Representation of deaf Black women in film. Until I learned the girl they cast for this role is hearing.  Dafuq?! 


I truly appreciated that they incorporated a deaf character in the story line. I like how they showed the love slowly developing between them. I had to smile when there was a moment in the scene where she shut her hearing aids off so she couldn't hear Adonis pleas to let him in her apartment. 

Let me tell you something. To be able to turn your hearing aid off and tune out the world, that is one of the biggest blessings about being deaf! 

What I DON'T appreciate is they hired a hearing actress and fitted her with fake hearing aids! 

(I'm not even gonna type her name here cuz that's how salty I am) 

I had my *side eye* on the entire time the scenes with the "deaf love interest" were played on the screen. There are qualified deaf actresses of color they could have hired to play this role. Was Sylvie Marc-Charles busy? Did they call any of the actresses that Jade Films featured in her movies? What about Treshelle Edmond, the actress who performed the National Anthem live at the 2015 Super Bowl and currently performing on Broadway's "Spring Awakening" musical? Did Hollywood lose her phone number? 

The movie is hella good. I shed tears like three times throughout the film. I'll watch it again and might even add it to my DVD collection. The lack of true deaf representation left a bad taste in my mouth. I hope Hollywood reads this and considers hiring more #DeafTalent to play deaf roles. I promise the deaf community would come out in droves and support.  

That's my two cents... 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Train 'Em Up :: A Tiny Bit Bougie

I LOVE Tees in the Trap created by fellow blogger and serial entrepreneur, Arsha Jones. (They are a black owned business, by the way) My favorite shirt and the first shirt I've bought from them was "a little bougie" statement tee. Since the company launched last year, I've built up quite the collection. The "Cuffing Season" sweat shirt is my most worn item. Not only does it raise eyebrows, it keeps me soooo warm. It's worth the $54 price tag.

Yes, I'm about that champagne life on a beer budget.  My tribe no longer blinks when I turn my nose up at certain things. It's just becomes the norm. My youngest niece was born four months ago and she is a.dor.a.ble!!! As far as I'm concerned, she's never too young to learn the bougie way.  Train 'Em Up and they shall not depart from their ways.

Earlier today, I sent her this package. I cannot wait to see her rocking her outfit. Tees in the Trap offer the onesie in 6 and 12 months so I'll have to wait a while before this happens.

Have you purchased your own TITT fashion tee? If so, what is your favorite?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Yo! I'm Going To Paris! #BookThatIsh

When your girl sends a text that says: "Paris in November or December? I'm so about to book a flight for $149 on WOWAir!", you drop everything you're doing and #BookThatIsh before your 7pm online conference call starts.

It only took about 20 minutes for us to agree on travel dates: late January. It's gonna be hella cold...

Yoooooo! I'm going to Paris! 

Note to self: Purchase cute boots and jacket and research lodging with a fireplace.

I'll worry about studying my French later. For now, I'm celebrating!

*shimmy shake* 

Have you been to Paris? If so, I'd love to hear your travel recommendations in the comments! Where to go? Where to eat? More importantly, where are all the good vino spots?! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Golden Girls?! Lego, Take My Money!

Someone submitted the idea for a Golden Girls Lego set and I am here for it! It is still under review and might take 6 months to a year to even come to fruition, IF that. Lawed, I'm prepared to give Lego allll my money! I don't even like playing with Legos nor do I have the time to put together 50-11 pieces, but I can definitely make time to whip up a batch of sangria to sip out of my Golden Girls wine glass and plan a girls' night with a few fans. 

Why does Dorothy have to have a permanent scowl on her face?! They didn't have to do her like that. The resting bi*ch face struggle is real. If I had a dollar for every time some random stranger approached me and said, "Smile, lady!"  - - Look, I AM smiling! I'm just not obligated to smile for you!


I love the detailing of the sets. Head over to the Lego site to check the rest of the images. This was a funny episode. Rose and her weird dream where they all had their heads frozen. Sophia, ever the sassy one said: "You didn't tip the guy?!", when the girls learned that Sophia was given a body to accompany her thawed head. 

Ok, that sounds weird but you just had to see the episode. 

More favorite GG quotables: 

"We named it!" 

"When I turn my hearing aid up to 10, I can hear a canary blow wind." 

What's yours? 

Monday, February 23, 2015

What This World Needs is More Girl Engineers #BringItOut

Engineers are great. GIRL Engineers are awesome. I attended a well known STEM school and my college roommate and BFF is an engineer and statistician. I'm so lucky to know her and forever indebted to her for helping me through those tough match courses. 

Did you know only 1 in 10 minority women are gainfully employed as engineers?! One. In. Ten. Lawd. Whitney Houston (RIP) said "The children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way... " We need more girl engineers in our future. By the way, February 26th is Girl Day. More on that in a second. 

Last week, I was invited to check out #FutureCity2015 competition in DC. The theme being "Feeding Future Cities", students from all over the country were tasked with designing a futuristic urban farm environment to grow enough of one vegetable crop and one protein crop to feed their citizens. The catch? They only had $100 to spend to create this city. 

About Future City: (a STEM) program is a program of DiscoverE, a consortium of professional and ethical societies and major U.S. corporations. The annual Future City Competition for sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students is held from September 2014 - February 2015. More than 40k students from 1,350 middle schools are participating nationwide in the regional competitions. The top prize at the National Finals is $7,500 for the organization’s STEM program plus a trip to U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama for the official team members, awarded by Bentley Systems, Inc.  
First thing I saw when I walked into the room was the diversity. Boys AND Girls of various ethnic backgrounds standing proudly next to their models and answering the judges' questions with ease. 

The model cities I viewed were hella impressive. This isn't your kindergarten macaroni project. The students designed their cities using led lights, tubing, running water and robotics. (All cities had to have at least one moving part) 

These days it is more important than ever for our youth to prosper and acquire strong STEM skills to be successful in their endeavors.  My niece likes working with her hands. First it was puzzles. Now she is at the age that she is discovering the power of a pencil and a blank piece of paper.  She's constantly asking me 50-11 questions and she can troubleshoot my iPhone faster than I can. Hold your horses, babygirl! If I'm paying attention, I could be using these moments with my niece to nurture her inner engineer and #BringItOut. 

1 in 10 minority girls are currently employed as engineers. Let's change that. 

Thanks to the bLink Marketing Network and DiscoverE, I was invited to attend the Future City competition and share my experience. Opinions here are my own. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Manifested A Bad Vacation...

Maaan... where do I start?! 

In a nutshell, I was waaaayy overdue for a beach getaway. Towards the end of 2014, things kept coming up that put my vacation getaway on the backburner. Then I reconnected with my old travel agent and asked her to help me find an all-inclusive getaway. We were making headway and then things stalled once her father died suddenly following a stroke. (RIP) At that point I decided to just take matters in my own hands cuz I was going to the beach, come hell or high water. 

After looking a few discount travel sites, I came upon a cruise site I used before. My first cruise was back in 2003 and I got on that boat alone. It was.... an experience. Wasn't horrible but I pretty much vowed not to cruise solo again. Fast forward 12 years later and I'm back on this website.  For what? I was getting hella desperate.

 I found a great deal that worked out with my budget and travel availability. I did a quick airline research and found a great airfare. I called the cruise line first before booking. Here's where red flags started popping up... 

1) I had to pay double the amount posted on the cruise website because the advertised price was based on double occupancy.  -__- 

2) I went back to American Airlines to book the cheap airline fare and was annoyed to find the fare increased by $50. 

3) Leading up to the cruise, I had 1,001 things going on. I could not get in a vacation frame of mind. Couldn't get a haircut, brows groomed or even minor shopping excursion. Hours before I boarded the ship, I was putting out fires and trying to fulfill last minute deadlines. 

I did contemplate for 5 minutes about skipping the vacation. No, come hell or high water I was going to this beach. 

I got on the boat at 2pm in a ball of stress and cloud of negative energy hovering over me. After viewing my stateroom and dropping off my luggage, I headed to the deck for my first rum. I couldn't even get excited about the drink or the view. 

"My inbox is insae. I couldn't get a haircut. My eyebrows need to be trimmed with a weed whacker. Walked all over downtown Miami and could not find a sunglasses shop... The list goes on and on. This vacation is going to happen with or without me, but first let me take a #selfie. 

You see them clouds in picture?! Them clouds stayed with me the entire weekend. It was cold, windy, and effing cloudy. Day 2 of my sailing, we  were to spend the day at CoCo Cay, a private island owned by the cruise line and after choppy water conditions forced the Captain to forgo the destination and head toward Nassau. 

When I found out, I was pissed. I may or may not have cursed at the universe. Out loud. In my stateroom. 30+ hours on a boat. Cabin fever like a mug. Chile....  I drank lots of rum and took a lot of naps because that was all I could do. I was not interested in karaoke and sexiest man contest that was being held at the pool deck. 

Day 3, I woke up to another overcast day in Nassau. It rained overnight and everything was wet. I walked around that deck and I literally had no words. I couldn't even cuss. I got dressed and headed to breakfast. During breakfast the clouds broke away and the sun came out! I started rocking back and forth in my chair and almost muttered out in my Miss Sophia voice: "I knew there was a God!" 

It took me all of 15 minutes to run to my stateroom and throw on a bathing suit and other beach essentials. After navigating thru the port and a short cab ride later, I was on a beach. A beach! 

The guy who sold me a beach chair probably overcharged me for something that was supposed to be free but I didn't care. I purchased a Guinness from the sandbar and read my book. Two whole hours of bliss. 

Two. Whole. Hours. 

Then the motherfuckin' clouds came back. (Clearly, I'm still pissed) 

Thick a$$ clouds that basically said: "nah, Jazzy." 

I packed my ish up, headed back to my stateroom for nap number 10 of the entire weekend. I couldn't get off the boat fast enough once we docked back into Miami. 

Yea, it rained that day too. 

So I basically paid $800+ dollars to do the same ish I could have at home in my condo. #OverIt 

We're not doing that ish again. Not in 12 years. Not in 22 years. 

Universe, I want a refund. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jazzy Reads :: What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

What I Know For Sure AudioBook 

Auntie Oprah's book has been on my must read list for almost a year. On a recent trip to NYC, I finally downloaded the audio version from my local library and listened to it the entire duration of the 8-hour round trip bus ride. (Ok, I did fall asleep during some parts of it but I did rewind to listen to the parts I missed during my slumber)

Short version: I LOVED it.

Long version: The deaf struggle is real so I can't really do a lot of audio books. Joel Osteen is great. Ariana Huffington and her accent, Not so great. I need clarity and enunciation.
Listening to Auntie Oprah, (yes, Auntie!) was like sitting at her feet in front of the fireplace, after eating a hearty meal and you're full with the itis and she regales you with stories from her past. And regale me she did. She shared intimate details about her childhood, the people who influenced and the lessons she learned along the way - - the stuff she knew for sure.

A few takeaways...

* Pleasure is energy reciprocated. What you put out, you get back. 

* Every choice gives us the power to pave your own road. 

* What you focus on expands. 

* Go where every flows. Everything you do and say shows the world who you are. Let it be the truth. 

* We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

* Protect your time. It is your life. 

No, the takeaways aren't new but connecting with her personal story, it resonated with me. After borrowing the audio book twice from my library, it was clear I needed to give Auntie Oprah my coins and purchased my own copy to have readily available anytime I needed an inspirational kick in the pants.

What good books have you read (or listened to) this month?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

These Are A Few of my Favorite Things :: Jonez Gift List

Love and compliments filling the air 
Sensual red lipstick and sunflower in my hair 
Lavender scented baths and red wine 
Mac ’n cheese and fries while we dine
Shimmy shakes, pearls and afternoon flings 
These are a few of my favorite things 

I’m attracted by pretty packaging and caught a sale when I purchased my first cube. I loved how the peppermint left a nice tingle on my lips. The bright color makes it easy to find when rummaging the bottom of my tote. 

I remember first coming across Smashbox brand of lipstick. I was in Chicago four years ago and before heading to an event, quickly walked into Sephora to take a spritz of my favorite perfume {Chanel} and add a quick pop of color on my lips. The infared is a moisturizing matte shade that last all day. I woke up the next morning and my lips still had a tint of red on it. Sold! Worth every penny of my twenty bucks. 

Naturally, my first pair of Tieks had to be candy red. The price is a little… steep. {Starting at $175} I have to admit tho, I feel some type of way {GREAT!} wearing these. The shoes are handmade and sizing is a concern. I’m a 6.5 and the site suggested going down. My size 6 flats are a smidge tight. If I order another pair, I’ll try a 7.  I love my Tieks for quick errands and casual Sunday afternoon brunch flings. 

My sister brought the Cabernet over to my condo during one of our girl talks and it was love at first sip. As a broke college student, she said this bottle is a splurge ($12) so us sharing was a special moment. The $12 - $15 price tag isn't bad although the Cabernet is not easy to find in my local DC wine shops but when I do come across it,I grab it! Also delicious: Dreaming Tree Crush. 

My uniform is jeans, v-neck top and chucks. I’ve been building up a small rainbow collection. Living in DC, I’m mobile. I walk everywhere. These sneakers are not comfortable for all day wear. Which is why I always purchase the Dr. Scholls inserts for every pair I own. I always buy the chucks on sale. My favorite leopard print chucks {featured on my blog header} are my biggest splurge and only time I’ve paid full price for these. 

100 Good Deeds bracelet 
This is my newest acquisition thanks to my sweet friend, Danica. I LOVE the mission behind this bracelet. Read more about it here. Each bracelet was made by a vulnerable woman in which the profits from each sale supports her and her family. The package is signed by the designer. Mine was made by Dorothy from Zambia. Danica hit the jackpot when she selected the shimmery pearl bracelet for me. It took a good half hour to get the bracelet on, {That drawstring is a b*tch} so I pretty much vowed not to take it off which is a perfect reminder to do my one daily deed. 

When I think of bubble baths, I think of that scene in Pretty Woman. Julia Roberts in a tub big enough to swim in, covered in bubbles on top of bubbles and singing Prince’s “Kiss” on top of her lungs while her lover stares at her. Over the years, I haven’t found a bath product that produces bubbles that actually remains in the tub longer than 15 minutes. Until I came across LUSH’s handmade bath bombs. The bubbles are on point, the fragrance is great and one bomb can last you 3-4 baths. My favorite is "The Comforter"

iPhone 6 - No introduction needed. I purchased mine at a great deal via my mobile carrier a month after the new model came out. My iPhone is literally an extension of me. It’s the first thing I check when I wake up and the last thing I touch when I go to sleep. I use it for work daily, I’m addicted to Instagram, the the games: Snood and Threes. So when my iPhone was stolen a few weeks ago, 22 hours was the longest I could go without and felt queasy dropping $800 for a replacement. Lesson learned: purchase insurance on the spot and iPhone is added to my hierarchy of needs, right above wifi and wine. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen me proudly showing off my "A Lil' Bougie" tee and “Cuffing Season” sweatshirt. Also, TITT was a Blogalicious Conference sponsor and the whole team wore a shirt reflecting their various personalities. I love the sassy catch phrases and most importantly, the company is owned by a black woman. I’ll gladly keep sending my money her way. 

The great thing about my favorite things? Just about everything fits in my Christmas stocking! *shimmy shake*